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Life’s A Beach

Day one of my beach ‘crawl’ along the beaches around the area. I headed up to Red Rock, the northernmost point of the region. A pretty little place with a long desolate beach that proved too rough for a swim. I waded in up to my knees – as far as I dared to go. I claim myself as a pretty strong swimmer, but I know better than to venture into a wild surf on an unpatrolled beach. Instead, I scoured the sand for more items to add to my ‘rubbish collection’ for my artist friend.

Red Rock Beach - presumably these rocks are red?

I discovered an enticing inlet with a shady grassed area for relaxing on my beach chair and enjoyed my pre packed lunch (all part of my new budget lifestyle.) A cooling swim in the inlet where I had to keep my thongs on to get in – oyster shells everywhere – and a strong undercurrent had me struggling back to shore.

No more than ten minutes exposed to the sun and I am sunburnt! Hmmm, have to get better at this beach life. A quick shower and a walk to my first yoga class at the local community hall. I felt invigorated, the class was enjoyable and not too taxing. Off to the tavern across from my housesit for their Monday night special – rissoles and mash. One of my favourite meals, I was so looking forward to it. You guessed it – they’d run out by the time I got there! An overcooked chicken schnitzel was no substitute.

The following morning was spent in a local cafe with a lovely group of ladies – all friends of my housesit host – who had invited me to join them. Morning tea stretched through till after lunch for a few of us, they were an interesting bunch. One of them was a massage therapist – we made a deal for a copy of my book for a discounted massage, and set an appointment. Thankfully the day was a little overcast, so I took a break from my planned beach crawl to relieve my sunburnt chest.

I just had to take a drive out to the highway to take a couple of photographs at the abandoned old Indian marketplace – I couldn’t resist:

Too much curry ???

Glad I wasn't around when he let that one go! Blew their trunks clean off !!

Another yoga class the following morning and I have renewed energy. Hopefully, I’m inspired enough to continue with these yoga sessions until they form a habit. However, the teacher is away for the next week. My lunch ladies informed me of another yoga class at the local sex club. (Oops – that’s C-ex Club, the local bowls club). Now that could have been an interesting class to attend!

My one hour massage was divine! And painful! Almost every muscle in my body was tender – I really do need to do something about my fitness, I realise. Meant to be quietly relaxing with scented oils burning and ‘massage’ music, it was far from that. We talked non stop through the whole ordeal!

Now this is the life!

Anna and I had so much to say that I stayed on for another hour or so just chit-chatting over a coffee. She’s a fellow traveller, so we had lots to tell each other. We agreed to take a day trip to the beautiful town of Bellingen the following week.

I headed up to beach number two on my beach crawl – Corindi. First stop though was The Amble Inn for a light lunch – my 9am massage had taken me through to after midday! I was pleasantly surprised by this very welcoming tavern with it’s Australian bushman’s memorabilia displayed throughout.

The Amble Inn, Corindi

Corindi is another of the coast’s beautiful unspoilt beaches, accessed through a perfectly located caravan and camping ground. Another group of council men all stopped for lunch under the trees – everytime I head to a beach ’round here, they all seem to be having a lunch break!

Beautiful Corindi Beach

Another surf too wild and woolly to venture in alone – when am I going to get a proper swim? Probably not till I return to the patrolled beach at Woolgoolga would be the sensible conclusion, I tell myself. A lone woman swimming in a rough surf on a deserted unpatrolled beach is a disaster waiting to happen – one I don’t wish to be a part of. Again, I venture in just up to my knees and let the waves break over me – at least I’m absorbing some of those lovely positive ions from the sea air.

Just to prove I did wade in to the surf

I kept my eyes peeled on the walk back up the hill, for more objects for my ‘art rubbish collection’ – I added a bright orange work boot protector to my ecclectic gathering. My artist friend is going to be so impressed by my diligence!

Another hour or so laying under a shady tree reading my book whiled away the rest of the afternoon.

Phew, this housesitting role is exhausting!

A Receding Tide - I love this photo