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A Happy Vagabond

My name is Judi, until recently I was in Real Estate. A new direction in life was called for, in line with my new motto for life: “if it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it”.

So here I am, taking another leap of faith and retiring from ‘main stream’ work, leaving my home and all my worldly goods safely locked away in storage, and embarking on a new journey – feeding my wanderlust.

My purpose for this blogsite is to inspire, encourage and prove that you don’t have to be young, brave or rich to follow your dreams. I have an insatiable desire to travel, to see more of this fabulous world while I am still fit and able to do so. Well, able definitely – the ‘fit’ is a work in progress.

Join me in my new lifestyle change as I travel from one housesitting assignment to another, journeying to some beautiful regions of this vast country I call home. Northern NSW, the Hunter Valley, the Gold Coast and Tasmania are all going to be ‘home’ for me for the next six months.

Then follow me as I return to the UK in July, to the gorgeous Old Town of Hastings on the south coast of England. My travels will take me throughout the British Isles, and on adventures all over Europe. All done on a shoestring budget – my aim is to prove to my readers that you really can travel frugally and still experience some amazing adventures. And still get up to mischief! Even in our ‘baby boomer’ years.

My self published book “Keep It In Yor Knickers” has been the inspiration for this lifestyle change – I need some more adventures to write about!  An adventurous travel / romance tale of life after fifty for a single woman. Raunchy, brash, funny!

See http://www.jrsanders.com.au/ for more information.

Join me on my journey as a happy vagabond!

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